The Brain Booster Conversation Course
Are you looking for a flexible, meaningful second career 
so you can stay connected to your community and help people? 

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so you can make a difference in seniors’ lives, help them stay active and reduce the decline in their cognitive reserve. 
Create an impact - without going back to school for years!
exclusive program in the new field of cognitive reserve helps seniors retain their cognitive function – and unlike crosswords and sudokus it actually works...
If you would like to be a more effective volunteer, providing seniors with much-needed social engagement and strengthening their cognitive brain health, then the Brain Booster Conversation Course
 will be ideal for you!

It's the topic of news and magazine articles, civic and church committees. It's a topic that is growing in concern as our population ages.  What is it?  It's loneliness and isolation among the older adults in our own communities.  Even in our own families.

You can probably think of one or two people in your own circle who are suffering from it.  A beloved great uncle who seems to have become more reclusive over the years. The lady next door who gets no visitors. The man at church whose wife passed away last year, and who rarely attends services any longer. The seniors who sit at the mall food court all morning, sipping coffee and watching passersby.  Yes, even in a busy environment like a mall, it's possible to feel lonely.

Why?  Because the opposite of loneliness is engagement:  feeling connected emotionally, cognitively, and socially with others.  Sadly, too many older adults today feel disengaged, and crave the kind of connections that will keep up their spirits--and their health.

When I started studying gerontology after a long career as an English instructor, one of the first things I learned was that new research suggests that chronic loneliness and isolation can lead to serious health issues in seniors. This includes cardiovascular disease, cognitive impairment, dementia and depression. Beyond the obvious emotional toll this takes on seniors, it also impacts their ability to flourish independently. 

The second thing I learned was that researchers have identified a capacity in the brain called cognitive reserve, that when strengthened, can help people delay the symptoms of dementia and Alzheimer's disease.  Cognitive reserve is the brain's ability to stay strong against damage done by brain disease and trauma.  The studies suggest that learning new things, especially in combination with social engagement, has a powerful effect on cognitive function.  

Brain games and puzzles alone are not enough--people need people!  And that's where YOU come in.
The seniors in your circle need social interaction and learning to avoid loneliness, to feel engaged, and to strengthen cognitive function. And, because of the great feeling you get working with people in your family and community, you can train to become the exact person they need. 

You can make a difference!
Imagine visiting older members of your family or community. You'll facilitate stimulating, fun, and engaging conversations with them.  It'll be more than a casual "friendly visit" because you'll put into play some research-based strategies to help your senior conversation partners feel connected, validated, and valued. 

It could be one-on-one, or in a small group of three or four, whatever works for you and them.  You'll use your experience plus training, AND draw on their lives and memories to create a rich discussion. 

You'll be doing more than just reading about the loneliness and isolation problem:  you'll be actively involved in CHANGING it.

Why Become a Brain Booster Conversation Leader?
Why?  Because you:
-want to get involved in helping older adults, but aren't sure how to make a real difference
-know people who could benefit, but aren't sure what you'd talk about with them
-want to use research-based strategies that create conversations that will never be boring
-are excited to learn online, getting regular feedback by an instructor that's only an email click away

The modules in the Brain Booster Conversation Leader course are created by an academic curriculum developer with 30 years of experience.  They are designed to be studied by learners independently at home, with interesting activities that support learning and get you thinking creatively about conversation topics.  You'll finish the course with a toolbox of creative ideas!
The top universities in the world are developing digital courses – because they work. When the material is presented in a clear, step-by-step way, with the support of the instructor, students of all ages are able to learn through online classes. 

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100% Risk Free Guarantee
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Your course tuition:  $97 Cdn.  (all materials and completion certificate included)
Your future helping seniors in your community starts today!
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